Scrum-oranje Today Agile, in general, is a trend or style or in fashion as opposed to a trend.

But whatever the case, it can be said for sure that Agile Scrum is now very popular as a Software Development and Delivery Framework.

Demand for skillful Scrum practitioners and the entry of new professionals into the market are both on a rise.

This Blog is an attempt towards a beginner’s approach towards filling a position as an employer or getting a job as an Agile Coach or Scrum Master. You will find the following interview questions, useful to identify a right candidate or be the right candidate.

These questions are derived from the author’s practical experience with working on Waterfall, XP, and Agile. An experienced gained through a process of transitioning from traditional Waterfall Methodology to Extreme Programming to Agile.

Though these questions are not enough to turn an inexperienced interviewer into an agile expert or a beginner into a seasoned Scrum Master, but in the hands of a skillful practitioner, they will help to determine whether the interviewee has actually been working in the agile trenches — or whether they’re an Agile Scammers.

Being conscious of what to listen for in a candidate’s answers allows an interviewer
to more quickly understand not only a candidate’s familiarity with Agile Scrum but also their mindset. And as an interviewee, these set of questions may help you make yourself aware of what to expect in an interview and prepare accordingly.

A few points to ponder upon:5db126820b4ebf67f174646085159a2escrum-a5c44d8364

  • The views and guidance reflect only the author’s experience and may or may not be applicable to every individual or organization.
  • What works for one may not work for others.smiley-150600_960_720
  • Multiple choice questions are insufficient when you need to establish a candidate’s
    Agile Scrum mindset.
  • The complexity of applying agile to an — or any — organization plays a major role.


Agile = product discovery (what to build) + product delivery (how to build)